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Mary Woods School of Dance

Uniform and shoes are not essential to begin with, however please ensure once your child is settled that uniform and shoes are provided within 6 weeks of starting.

On this page you will be able to navigate to the relevant group that your child is in to purchase the correct uniform - please note that no other variation of our uniform is accepted it must be the uniform stated.

All uniform ordered is available for you to pick up the following week at classes, it is not delivered to you.

Jumping Jacks

Please click below to order uniform for the 9:15 class

Jumping Jacks Uniform

Little Stars & Starburst 

Please Click below to order uniform for the 10:15 & 11:45 classes

Little Stars & Starburst Uniform

Lower & Upper Rolo's

Please click below to order uniform for the 1:15 pm Class

Lower & Upper Rolo's Uniform

Lower & Upper Smarties

Please click below to order uniform for the 3:00 pm Class

Lower & Upper Smarties Uniform